Scholarship Application: Josh Libby Memorial Fund Summer Day Camp


The Josh Libby Memorial Summer Day Camp Scholarship Fund (“Josh Libby Scholarship”) is established to benefit those community members/households who would like to participate in Summer Day Camp (Day Camp), but, due to economic circumstances, are not able to pay the total cost in registration fees ONLY.  Day Camp Trips, Before and After Care and Special Events are NOT INCLUDED.

The Josh Libby Scholarship will contribute toward the Day Camp registration fee all registered for by the applicant’s household at 25% not to exceed an annual award of $350.00.  Contributions will be made only if and when scholarship funds are available.


This Scholarship Fund would be funded mainly by fundraising efforts by the Parks and Recreation Department and community and private contributions.

All financial transactions will be executed, reconciled and audited with the Town of Gray’s finances.

The Administrators for this program will be the Recreation Director and the Recreation Administrative Assistant with final approval of the Town Manager (or their official assigned designee).


Applicants for this scholarship must fill out an application at least two weeks prior to the start date of Day Camp to allow for proper financial verification and processing.

The scholarship application will provide proof of the household’s financial hardship including a letter stating their need, circumstances and/or reasons for such, as well as any valid documentation.

Eligibility will be determined by taking into consideration the household’s participation and full compliance with in the following programs:

  • Targeted Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Food Stamps (SNAP)

Once eligibility has been determined, the application will be submitted to the Town Manager (or their official assigned designee) for final approval.

Applicants will be notified of eligibility determination in writing within 48 hours of the Town Manager’s final approval but no later than the start date of Day Camp.

Upon approval from the Town Manager, any requests for funds will be submitted to the Finance Department and will be processed as soon as possible according to their policies and procedures.