Marriage Licenses


Note that it may take 30-45 minutes to complete a marriage license application.  Applicants should plan accordingly and arrive at the Town Hall no later than one hour before closing.

A marriage license is obtained from the Town Clerk. In Maine, one files for a marriage license in the town in which one resides.  Both parties must visit the Town Office in person to apply for a marriage license.

If both parties reside in different towns in Maine, they may apply at either municipality for a marriage license  If one party is from out of state, then both parties should apply in the town where one holds residency.

If married previously, applicants must present a certified copy of their divorce decree or former spouse's death certificate.

The application is valid for 90 days after the date of issue and can only be used in Maine. The cost is $40 per couple.

Marriage Intentions (PDF) - You may download the Marriage Intentions form here, fill it out and bring it in with the appropriate documentation and fees.  Photo ID (driver's license or state ID) is also required.

Per the State of Maine, Title 19-A §655, persons authorized to solomnize marriages in the State of Maine are:

If a resident of Maine:

  • a justice or a judge;
  • a lawyer admitted to the Maine Bar, or
  • a notary public under Title 4, Chapter 19, and

Whether a resident or non-resident of Maine and whether or not a citizen of the United States:

  • an ordained minister of the gospel
  • a cleric engaged in the service of the religious body to which the cleric belongs; or
  • a person licensed to preach by an association of minister, religious seminary or ecclesiastical body.

Please see Vital Records for information about obtaining copies of Birth, Marriage, or Death records.