Municipal LED Sign Policy

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Municipal LED Sign Request

The purpose of the LED lighted signs, at both the Public Services Complex on Shaker Road and at the Henry Pennell Municipal Complex on Main Street, is to provide another mechanism to disseminate municipal information to the public.

Only municipal entities may post information to the signs; these entities include all Town departments and Council-appointed boards and committees.  The signs may not be used to display advertisements or other messages on behalf of private entities or individuals.  Exceptions may be granted by the Town Manager on an as needed basis.

Event postings will be prioritized according to the following:

A. Gray Town Council/Administration
B. Town Departments
C. Town Boards and Committees

Items will not be posted for longer than 2 weeks, and must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the requested display date.

For maximum visibility, note that 4 lines of 6” characters, or 3 lines of 8” characters, or 2 lines of 12” characters are the best options.

All requests to post information must be made in writing on the appropriate application to  fireadmin @ for the Public Services Complex, or to admin @ for the Pennell Municipal Complex.  If an applicant wants the same information posted at both locations, DUPLICATE applications are to be submitted – one at each location.

Submissions will be posted based upon space availability and the above-referenced order of preference.