Special Operations

What is Special Operations?
Depending on the size of a community or potential hazards present, a fire department may establish a special operations division, which will deliver or support services such as but not limited to vehicle extrication, water and ice rescue, hazardous materials mitigation, and rapid intervention. A Deputy Chief usually heads this specialized division.

Individuals assigned to this division must have specific knowledge and skills for their specialty and this usually requires many additional hours of training.

Gray Fire Rescue's Special Operations Division is comprised of 4 specialized teams for special hazard type emergencies. Teams spend countless hours aside from regular fire ems training to be proficient and ready for any type of emergency.

Teams assigned to Gray Fire Rescue's Special Operations Division are:

  • Vehicle Extrication Team
  • Water and Ice Rescue Team
  • Hazardous Materials Decon Team
  • Rapid Intervention Team
  • Low Angle Rescue Team