Doughty, John Tappen Sr. (1898-1976)

John Tappan Doughty, Sr.
John Tappan Doughty, Sr.

In Recognition For: Service to the Town of Gray

John Tappan Doughty, Sr. (30 Dec 1898 - 1 Mar 1976) served as Selectman from the 1920's to the 1960's, several times as First Selectman.  He served on the Town Council after the form of Government was changed.  He was Town Treasurer from 1936 through 1946  and moderator for the Town Meeting for 10 years and also represented Gray in the Maine State Legislature from 1941-1944.  He was instrumental in the purchase of the property for the town landfill and built the Russell School at cost in 1948.  He also served on the Volunteer Fire Department.

Sponsor: John T. Doughty, Jr.
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