Johnson, Andrew F. (1854-1943)

Andrew F. Johnson
Andrew F. Johnson

In Recognition for: Service to the Town of Gray

Andrew F. Johnson (11 Oct 1854 - 23 Dec 1943) came to Gray early in life and was a vehicle woodworker in the sleigh and carriage factory of Smith and Leslie at West Gray.  He then worked for Zenas Thompson in Portland and several shops in MA, going on to study at the Technical School of the National Association of Carriage Buildings in NY at night while working as a body maker for Brewster and Co. 

Three years later, upon graduation, he received the Paris Prize which led him to study in Paris at the Dupent School.  He returned to teach in Detroit at the Technical Institute and then returned to Gray and ran a correspondence school from his residence.  He took a keen interest in town affairs and served for twenty years as a trustee of Pennell Institute.

Sponsor: Gray Historical Society
Approved: 25 Jan 2012

Note:  A brief obituary was published in the Fitchburg Sentinal on December 24, 1943.