Libby, Bessie M. Burns (1890-1975)

Bessie Mildred Burns Libby
Bessie Mildred Burns Libby

In recognition for: Service to the Town of Gray

Bessie Mildred Burns Libby (19 Feb 1890 - 19 Aug 1975) operated a maternity home in Gray Village where local women could give birth during and after World War II.

Born & raised in Gray, she was a school teacher when she married LeRoy Libby August 18, 1913. Bessie gave birth to a son and a daughter; became a nurse, and in 1942, opened Mrs. Libby’s Maternity Home. The facility—also known as Libby Hospital, Mrs. Libby’s Home and Mrs. Libby’s Nursing Home—was located in her house and operated through about 1954.

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Note: Bessie was the daughter of Maurice P. and Nellie (Thompson) Burns.