Newbegin, George W. (1848-1936)

George W. Newbegin
George W. Newbegin

In recognition for: Service to the Town of Gray

George W. Newbegin (Dec 1848 - 7 Jun 1936) was born in Milford, Maine and moved to Gray with his family while still young.

He worked as a hotel clerk and later as a bookkeeper in Portland. George married Mrs. Salome S. Prentiss on June 3, 1878; they had no children.

By the early 1890s, the couple had moved from Portland to Gray to live full-time. George was a member of the Maine House of Representatives in 1905 as a Democrat.

At the 1909 Town Meeting, George W. Newbegin was elected Town Clerk & Treasurer of Gray; he served in this capacity for one year.

Upon his death in 1936, George bequeathed $15,000 to the Town of Gray for the construction of a community gymnasium. Additional funds for the building were received through the 1930s Works Progress Administration program and the Newbegin Gymnasium was completed in 1937.

Sponsors: Elizabeth Bullen & Dean Bennett
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