REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - Snow Plowing & Sanding

Town of Gray
snow plow

Town of Gray - Request for Proposals
Snow Plowing and Sanding
Specified Public Easement Roads

The Town of Gray is requesting proposals for independent contractors for the snow plowing and sanding of specified Public Easement roads in the Town of Gray for the winter seasons 2018-2019, 2019-2020 and an optional third year 2020-2021. The successful contractors will be required to meet the specifications as indicated on Exhibit A. The Town has two separate contracts: Contract I (6.282 miles) and Contract II (8.802 miles) available for this proposal. The roads list for this contract is identified in Exhibit B. A contractor may bid on one or both of the contracts. All proposals must be based upon cost per center mile for the entire winter season.

Copies of Exhibit A and Exhibit B may be obtained at the following locations:
1. Town Office, located at 24 Main Street
2. Town’s website located here
3. Email Town Manager at
4. Telephone at 207-657-3339 (Ext. 101)

Proposal must be received by the Office of the Town Manager no later than noon, July 27, 2018 at 24 Main Street, Gray, Maine 04039.