Human Resources


The Town of Gray employs a skilled workforce committed to public service. Human Resources guides recruitment, assists employees with the Town’s benefits and training programs, and works with leadership to ensure a safe and productive work environment.

Employment Opportunities

To view current openings, please visit our Employment page.  

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Town of Gray is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to maintaining a safe and productive workplace for all employees, job applicants, and contractors. Our commitment is reflected in employment practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion for Town staff and Town representatives, including contracted service providers. If you have any questions about this, please contact Human Resources at (207) 657-3339 x102.


Employees should be familiar with the Town's policies, especially the Personnel Policy and the section on Harassment: "It is the policy of the Town that all our employees should be able to work in an environment free from all forms of harassment. Harassment, as defined by this policy, is prohibited. All employees must avoid offensive and inappropriate or harassing behavior at work and are responsible for assuring that the workplace is free from hostile behavior at all times."



New and current employees must complete this training annually and submit a Staff Certification Form.

To watch the below trainings in a playlist, click here

Cybersecurity Training

Instructor: Communications and IT

Time: 00:16:13

Hearing Protection

Instructor: Maine DOL

Time: 00:14:56

Fuel Safety Training

Instructor: Public Works

Time: 00:05:11

First Amendment Audits

Instructor: Human Resources

Time: 00:23:11

Vigilance Training

Instructor: IT Department

Time: 00:19:14

AED Training 

Instructor: Public Safety

Time: 00:09:45

Harassment/Sexual Harassment
Instructor: KMA Consulting
Time: 00:42:09

Active Shooter Training
Instructor: Public Safety
Time: 00:25:34

Fire Safety, Fire Extinguisher Use
Instructor: Public Safety
Time: 00:08:46

Hazard Communication
Instructor: Buildings and Grounds Department
Time: 00:14:12

Personal Protective Equipment
Instructor: Maine DOL

Employee Wellness
Instructor: Recreation Department
Time: 00:16:29

Video Display Terminal
Instructor: Maine DOL
Time: 00:03:04

Phone Training (Optional)
TPX Phone Training Powerpoint
Time: 00:42:38

First Aid/Bloodborne Pathogens
Instructor: Public Safety
Time: 00:05:38

MIssionSquare - Virtual FAQ

Instructor: MissionSquare Retirement

Time: 00:23:43

CPR Training

Instructor: Recreation Department

Time: 00:16:41

Brunch and Learn: Microsoft Teams (Optional)

Instructor: Communications and IT

Time: 00:41:41

Brunch and Learn: Microsoft Forms (Optional)

Instructor: Communications and IT

Time: 00:35:38

Brunch and Learn: Microsoft OneDrive (Optional)

Instructor: Communications and IT

Time: 00:38:34

Brunch and Learn: Microsoft OneNote (Optional)

Instructor: Communications and IT

Time: 00:20:47

Brunch and Learn: Kyle's Tips and Tricks (Optional)

Instructor: Communications and IT

Time: 00:31:39

Gray Fire Rescue Training

Members of Gray Fire Rescue must complete mandatory trainings provided through the department’s online training platform. Members must then submit the GFR Training Certification to Human Resources. 

Department Staff

Name Title Phone
Jonathan Hartt Human Resources Director (207) 657-3339 ext. 102