Human Resources


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Employees should be familiar with the Town's policies, especially the Personnel Policy.

Employee Resources

Mandatory Training

New and current employees must complete this training annually and submit a Staff Certification Form.

Workplace Harassment
Instructor: EEOC
Time: 00:13:14

AED Training 

Instructor: Asst. Chief Pete Holmquist

Time: 00:09:45

Fire Safety, Fire Extinguisher Use
Instructor: Chief Kurt Elkanich
Time: 00:08:53

Emergency Action Plan
Instructor: Sheriff Chandler
Time: 00:38:19

Personal Protective Equipment
Instructor: Maine DOL

Hazard Communication
Instructor: Josh Tiffany
Time: 00:10:37

Video Display Terminal
Instructor: Maine DOL
Time: 00:03:04

Instructor: Chief Kurt Elkanich
Time: 00:16:06

Bloodborne Pathogens

Instructor: Maine DOL

Time: 00:05:33

Phone Training (Optional)
TPX Phone Training Powerpoint
Time: 00:42:38

First Aid, CPR
Instructor: Sarah Rodriguez
Time: 00:24:12

ICMA Retirement Security (Optional)
ICMA Retirement Security Training Powerpoint 
Time: 00:21:35

Gray Fire Rescue Training

Members of Gray Fire Rescue must also complete this training and submit the GFR Training Certification.

Fire Rescue Training

Time: 1:38:06

Department Staff

Name Title Phone
Jonathan Hartt HR Administrator (207) 657-3339 ext. 102