Comprehensive Plan



To The Citizens of the Town of Gray:

Developing a comprehensive plan involves people in a process that looks to the future of a community. The initiative in the development of this plan took a broader approach in order to truly gather the best knowledge of which direction the people of the Town of Gray wanted for their future. Instead of asking citizens to respond to surveys, the approach ranged from physically meeting with students from the high school to sitting down with senior citizens residing at Apple Tree. The two year review process and update involved many citizens, committee volunteers, employees of the community, agencies at various levels of government and the consultant.

Our Comprehensive Plan contains seven topics ranging from Land Use and Housing to Administration and Regional Coordination that we, as a community, must plan for if we are to continue the quality of life in Gray. We have also recognized that it is imperative to keep this a living document, one that guides our daily work in the Town. The vision and implementation
strategies chapters are the best summary of the document and assist the understanding and actions needed to support Gray as it continues to be the kind of community we live, learn, work and play in.

We present to you the results of this effort which should become a guiding instrument in all aspects of local government and decision making. This Comprehensive Plan was formally adopted by the Gray Town Council on August 5, 2003.

Pamela A. Wilkinson, Chair
Gray Town Council