Library Expansion

Project approved November 6, 2012

Library Expansion Committee

Meeting Agendas/Minutes

Preliminary Scope of Work:

Add approximately 3000 square feet to the Gray Public Library.  The expansion will provide space for:

  • One large meeting room
  • One small meeting room
  • Increased separation between the book stacks allowing greater access for library patrons including those using mobility devices
  • Greater separation between the patrons using the computers and the audio/visual materials
  • Appropriate staff working space
  • Appropriate staff personal space
  • Double the size of the children’s area by:
  • Remove the obsolete chimney
  • Remove the existing meeting room and opening the space up
  • Improve energy efficiency by:
  • Replace the heating system with a modern, energy efficient unit possibly utilizing alternative fuel sources other than oil
  • Increase insulation in the existing library
  • Upgrade the lighting to more energy efficient units
  • Replace windows as needed to increase energy efficiency
  • Bring the building into conformance with building codes by renovating the existing restrooms to ADA compliance

The Gray Public Library Association (GPLA) has spearheaded the initiative and funded the preliminary scope of work; employing an architectural firm to provide initial designs, building code information, and cost estimates.

The GPLA and the Gray Public Library Trustees looked at the following four options before making the recommendation to expand and renovate the existing library.

  • Build an entirely new Library on land situated elsewhere.
  • Create a satellite Library in some other Town facility where part of the Library’s functions could be accommodated.
  • A full renovation of the basement, currently being used for dead storage and the GPLA’s book sales.
  • Expand the present Hancock Street building.

The project is proposed to be funded by both public and private dollars.  The private funding will come from the fund-raising efforts of the Gray Public Library Association, a private 501(c)(3) organization. 

As for the public funding, at its September 4, 2012 meeting, the Gray Town Council voted to place a question on the November 6, 2012 ballot asking the voters whether or not to approve the issuance of up to $1,500,000 in general obligation bonds or notes of the Town to pay and reimburse the costs to improve and renovate the Town Public Library and to design, construct and equip an expansion of the Library.

This initiative has the support of the Gray Public Library Association, the Gray Public Library Trustees, and the Gray Town Council.