MaineDOT Cambell Shore Road Plan

MaineDOT Cambell Shore Road Plan - Plan Drawing (PDF)

On May 13, 2014, MaineDOT met with Gray residents in an open public forum to discuss an intersection improvement project being proposed at the intersection of Route 202/4/115 and Cambell Shore Rd. located in Gray, Maine. The project includes the construction of an exclusive left turn on Route 202/4/115 for vehicles turning left onto Cambell Shore Rd. Widening will be required along Route 202/4/115. Also included is work to attempt to increase the sight distance looking to the left for drivers attempting to pull out of Cambell Shore Rd. 

Meeting Agenda/Meeting Minutes

Any inquiries regarding this project may be directed to the attention of Brian Keezer, Project Manager, Telephone (207) 624-3612, Maine Department of Transportation, 24 Child Street, SHS. # 16, Augusta, Maine 04333-0016 

Work Identification Number(s) 020211.00 
TTY Telephone 711