Route 26 Study/Report

To facilitate future development opportunities, the Town of Gray has embarked on a planning and policy process that considers increased commercial and residential development on land east and west of State Route 26. To ensure that future land development in Gray and the regional highway functionality of Route 26 are compatible, MaineDOT and the Town of Gray have joined forces in a collaborative planning effort. To assist with this, the Maine Department of transportation (MaineDOT) has contracted T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) to perform a corridor study of Route 26 in Gray from the southerly intersection of State Route 26/26A approximately 1.3 miles north to the intersection of State Route 26 and Weymouth Road. This Gray Route 26 Corridor Study (Study) developed recommendations that consider a balance of future development needs of the Town of Gray with the future transportation corridor needs of MaineDOT in the study area. 


Route 26 Corridor Study

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