Sustain Southern Maine

The Town of Gray is part of the Sustain Southern Maine Partnership, a regional partnership created from a HUD grant and comprised of organizations, communities and businesses working together to make the economy, environment and sense of community stronger in the region. 

The Town of Gray was fortunate to be chosen by the Sustain Southern Maine partnership as one of nine pilot test communities.  The purpose of the project, named “the Gray Village Area Growth Study”, was to show how coordinating housing, transportation, jobs, services and recreation could over time provide a significant economic boost for a community. 

Gray is forecast to grow over the next 25-35 years and this study addressed how much of that growth could be attracted to the Village area. Sustain Southern Maine committed planners, smart growth developers, landscape architects and others (at no cost to the Town or its residents) to the process.  Discussions also took into account other Village planning projects, such as the Hancock Block and Monument Square, fit into the larger scope of the study.

The Town had a public forum on June 3, 2013 to discuss” lessons learned” and get input from the community.

A Pilot Community Showcase will bring developers, realtors and communities together to present findings and opportunities.

Information pertaining to the study can be found on the Sustain Southern Maine website.