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  1. There shall be a Public Safety Committee which shall be concerned with various matters of community safety as they relate to law enforcement, fire protection, traffic, and the transportation systems that support traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian and those issues outside of Gray that have impacts within the Community such as regional transportation corridors and projects.
  2. The Committee shall consist of five  (5) members of whom two (2) members shall be from the Public Safety Department,three (3) members from at large. In addition, there shall be four (4) non-voting ex-officio members of which one (1) will be a member of the Division Office of the Maine State Police, one (1) a member of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department, one (1) Town of Gray Public Safety Director, and one (1) a member of the Gray Town Council. Appointments by the Town Council shall be for three (3) year staggered terms.


  1. The Committee shall work towards developing the necessary plans and recommendations that will achieve improved community safety.
  2. The Committee shall advise the Public Safety Director in areas of community and building safety issues, making recommendations where appropriate.
  3. The Committee shall work with the Maine Department of Transportation, Maine Turnpike Authority, the Maine State Police and the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office in matters of traffic and safety issues.
  4. The Committee may work with and assist standing Boards of the Town.
Committee Members
NameTerm Expires
Dakota Edmiston2020
Kurt ElkanichEx-Officio, Non Voting