Recycling & Solid Waste

COVID-19 has affected certain material acceptances. READ MORE on what is currently ACCEPTED and what procedures are in place here.

The Transfer Station / Recycling Center is available for use by Gray residents only.

A valid Transfer Station permit is required for use of the facility and may be obtained at either the Town Offices or the transfer station with proof of residency and $5. The permit is valid for the current calendar year, expiring on December 31.

Besides typical household waste, large items such as construction/demolition materials, furniture, yard waste appliances, and the like are accepted daily during regular operating hours. Disposal fees may apply.

Private contractors also provide limited curbside waste pick-up in Gray--a full listing of licensed refuse haulers can be found here. General information and recycling tips can be found at the Gray Recyclopedia website or the ecomaine web site.

The Town of Gray is a member/owner of ecomaine which is located in Portland where the general household trash is sent for incineration and electricity generation. At this time there is no fee for residents disposing of household waste at the transfer station, nor are there special bags required. Recycling is however, mandatory.

We take practically all separated household recycling items, bale onsite, and market the material throughout the country and the world. Gray maintains an above average recycling rate as compared to the other communities in the state, due mainly to the citizens' commitment toward that end.

With the hard work and dedication of volunteers, we maintain a very popular "Take it or Leave it" building which offers and accepts, free of charge, gently used household and clothing items.

Gray also accepts at no charge, metal items, concrete and brick, computers and other electronics, televisions, 20# propane tanks, lead acid and rechargeable batteries, fluorescent bulbs and other mercury containing items (from households, not businesses). We take used motor oil (with which we heat our building) and anti-freeze, as well as cooking oil also at no charge.

Construction and demolition debris such as wood waste, asphalt shingles, gypsum and plaster, vinyl siding, wire fencing, windows and doors, and toilets and sinks are accepted though with fees for disposal.

Brush and tree parts, (other than root clusters), are accepted for a nominal fee. Leaves, grass and garden waste are also accepted for a fee and composted onsite, with the finished product available to residents on a first come, first served basis at no cost.

We accept waste architectural paint year round through a partnership with PaintCare. This paint is recycled or used as fuel and funded by the paint manufacturers. Inquire about restrictions.

Gray provides a household hazardous waste collection to its residents annually at no additional charge, pending budget approval. This collection is generally held the last Saturday prior to the Labor Day weekend.

Department Staff

Name Title Phone
Randy Cookson Recycling Station Director (207) 657-2343