Disposal Fees

The following is a listing of our present fees for disposal, payable with cash or check only.

Asphalt roofing

$40 per cubic yard


$5 per cubic yard


$10 per cubic yard

Demolition debris
Includes pressure treated, creosote, wood with material adhered to it, plaster, vinyl siding, fencing

$25 per cubic yard


$3 per cubic yard


$5 per mattress

Passenger vehicle tires

$2 each, $4 if on rim

Chair$8 per chair
Love Seat$10 per love seat
Sofa (up to 6 feet)$15 per sofa 

Demolition Wood - No pressure treated, creosote, or wood with flooring or other materials adhered to it

$10 per cubic yard

Presently there is no fee for any metal items including Freon units, nor is there a disposal fee for televisions, computer monitors or associated electronic items.

Oil or fuel tanks must be completely empty. Any tank larger than 55 gallons must be cut in half or have a two foot by two foot square hole cut in it.

Brush and tree parts must not exceed ten feet in length.

Keep in mind that in order for the Town to dispose of material at the least possible cost, it is imperative that materials be sorted and clean. For example, roofing shingles must be free of wood, metal and trash and nobody wants compost with plastic or glass mixed in it, so keep it clean. We offer a place to dispose of almost everything, but it has its own particular spot.