Snowmobile & ATV Registration

All snowmobile & ATV registrations expire June 30th of each year.

Snowmobile & ATV Online Registration (IFW)

Who can use the online registration service?

  • Maine residents renewing an ATV or snowmobile registration.  New registrations must be done through a registration agent or the IF&W main office in Augusta.
  • Non-residents may register ATVs and snowmobiles online.

In-Person Registration
Maine residents registering an ATV/snowmobile for the first time must do so in person at Gray Town Office.

  • Please bring in your most recent snowmobile / ATV registration for renewals.  To renew your snowmobile registration, you will need to pay a $45 state registration fee and a $1 agent fee.  ATV’s are $33  plus a $1 Agent fee to re-register.
  • To register a snowmobile / ATV purchased through a private sale for the first time, you will need to bring in a bill of sale (the bill of sale should include the sellers name and address, the buyers name and address, the serial #, make, year and purchase price). A 5.5% Maine sales tax will be collected based on the purchase price on the bill of sale.
  • To register a snowmobile / ATV purchased through a Maine dealer for the first time, you will need a receipt or bill of sale from the dealer, indicating sales tax was paid is required. 

For more information about snowmobile & ATV riding in Gray, Maine, please visit the Alliance Trail Vehicles (ATV) of Maine or the Gray Sno-Wolves Snowmobile Club.