Community Economic Development Committee

“Promoting Responsible Growth and Preservation of Our Community”

Meeting Dates, Agendas, Minutes

Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM
Henry Pennell Municipal Complex

The Community Economic Development Committee (CEDC) is a volunteer Town Council appointed committee comprised of citizens of the Town. The committee meets once a month to assist the Town Manager, the Town Council, and the Town Staff with critical initiatives and improvements needed to sustain a high quality of life for our citizens and to provide  the efficient government services needed  to sustain an economically affordable community. The CEDC strives to attract new businesses, and to support existing businesses, through new initiatives, ordinance reviews, zoning recommendations, marketing analysis, and promoting the physical and human assets of the Town.

Town Council Rules As They Relate to This Committee

SECTION 602.30 - Community Economic Development Committee (Amended September 1, 2009,  October 16, 2012)


  1. There shall be a Community Economic Development Committee consisting of seven (7) members appointed by the Town Council for three (3) year staggered terms.
  2. In addition, the Town Manager, Chairperson of the Planning Board, and a designated member of the Town Council shall be ex-officio members who shall be non-voting members of the Committee.


  1. The CEDC shall promote, assist and encourage initiatives that will further the role of “Community” to the citizens of Gray.
  2. The CEDC shall promote, assist and encourage the improvement and expansion of established businesses in the community and the general economic welfare of the Town of Gray.
  3. The CEDC shall promote, assist and encourage the development of new businesses that comply with the goals of the Comprehensive Plan and the general economic welfare of the Town of Gray.
  4. The CEDC shall cooperate with other community, region and state organizations and agencies for the promotion, assistance, encouragement and development of the community and economic climate of the Town of Gray.
Committee Members
NameTerm Expires
Fran Monroe, Chair2017
Lacy Antonson2017
Manny Archibald2019
Roger Dery2019
Collette Tweten2018
Donald HutchingsEx-Officio, Non Voting

Town Council Board/Committee Liaisons