FY25 Budget

This page is home to all FY25 budget-related information.

Information will be added to this page as it becomes available.

News Articles: 
  • FY25 Budget Review Schedule [PDF]
    • This document lists various dates related to the FY25 creation process.
  • Town Manager's FY25 Budget Proposal [PDF]
    • This document describes in detail (including individual department requests) the budget proposed by the Town Manager to the Town Council.
  • Budget Updates [PDF]
    • These changes to the initial proposed budget were presented on March 26.
  • March 12 Budget Workshop [YouTube]
  • March 19 Budget Workshop [YouTube]
  • March 26 Budget Hearing [YouTube]
  • April 9 Public Hearing on the FY25 Budget (part of the Town Council's regular meeting). [YouTube]