Community Economic Development Committee

“Promoting Responsible Growth and Preservation of Our Community”

Meeting Dates, Agendas, Minutes

Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM
Henry Pennell Municipal Complex

The Community Economic Development Committee (CEDC) advocates for the town of Gray in the best interests of both community and economic growth. Its volunteer members are committed to improve the quality of life for Gray’s residents as well as create opportunities for local businesses. Its goal is to expand economic vitality while preserving the historical and rural aspects of Gray.  Its members seek a sustainable, economically affordable, and vibrant community. CEDC achieves this by initiatives, such as the Committee’s beautification efforts, and its coordination with local businesses to create a welcoming community. 

A. Membership:

  1. There shall be a Community Economic Development Committee consisting of five (5) members , and one alternate.
  2. In addition, the Town Planner; a designated member of the Planning Board, and a designated member of the Town Council shall be ex-officio members who shall be non-voting members of the Committee.

B. Duties:

1. The CEDC shall promote and/or participate in initiatives that will:

  1. Cultivate community and cultural connections in Gray.
  2. Revitalize and preserve the charm of the Village.
  3. Support improvement, responsible expansion, and retention of established businesses in the Town of Gray.
  4. Stimulate the establishment of new businesses that will diversify the tax base and align with the goals of the Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Gray.
  5. Promote opportunities for local citizens who desire to open businesses or cottage industries.

2. The CEDC shall cooperate with other community, region, state organizations and agencies to promote, assist, encourage and develop the community and economic climate of the Town of Gray.

Committee Members
NameTerm Expires
Eliza Ruth Watson, Chair2021
Joel W. Robertson, Vice Chair2020
Lacy Antonson, Secretary2020
Rachel Rumson 2021
Donald HutchingsEx-Officio, Non Voting
Sharon Young, Council Liaison2020