Registrar of Voters

To Vote
You must (1) be at least 18 years old and (2) registered in the community in which you reside. Please see the State of Maine Voter Guide for more information about voter eligibility & residency.

To Register to Vote

The Gray Town Clerk's Office wants to make sure everyone can safely register to vote! Residents can stop by during office hours to register or can complete a voter registration card through the mail/drop box.

1. Download the fillable PDF Maine Voter Registration Card and fill it out completely and then print it. (or download a word document version from the State of Maine Voter Guide)
2. Include copies of the following:

3. Return documents to the Gray Town Hall. Place them in the drop box at Town Hall OR mail them to:

ATTN: Town Clerk's Office
Gray Town Hall
Henry Pennell Municipal Complex
24 Main Street
Gray ME 04039 

Absentee Voting
Under Maine’s current law, any registered voter may vote absentee, however absentee ballots are only able to be issued until three business days prior to the election. Registered voters in the Town of Gray may vote absentee in person at the Town Office. Absentee ballots may also be requested by telephone or by submitting an application. Voters may request an application through the Gray Town Office or request an absentee ballot through the State of Maine website.

For more information contact the Town Office at 657-3339.

Uniformed and Overseas Citizens
Information on voter registration and absentee ballots is available through the Federal Voting Assistance Program.

Department Staff

Name Title Phone
Kailey Hanley Registrar of Voters (207) 657-3339 ext. 104
Judith Rand Deputy Registrar of Voters (207) 657-3339 ext. 105
Cynthia Schaeffer Deputy Registrar of Voters (207) 657-3339 ext. 107
Nathaniel Rudy Town Manager (207) 657-3339 ext. 101
Jonathan Hartt Deputy Registrar of Voters (207) 657-3339 Ext 102