Open Space Committee

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Open Space Committee Charge:

To inventory public and conservation lands, habitat protection, recreational areas, and possible greenbelt areas. To coordinate with the Comprehensive Plan Committee and Facilitator to gather data and collect survey information from the community. To identify existing and proposed areas for future Open Space planning. To create a vision for Open Space in Gray and to form a Statement of Purpose for an Open Space plan coordinating with the Comprehensive Plan Committee.

To engage in discussions with landowners and regional land trusts and make recommendations to the Town Council in order to help secure access to land/corridors through acquisitions, easements, land swaps, and other forms of agreements.

To assist with fundraising for land/corridor acquisition from private and public sources. 


Term Expires

Michael Henderson, Chair


Kimberly Cobb


Corey Norman, Secretary 

Al Schaeffer2022
Robert Coleman2020
Adam Wilkinson2021
Vicki Vadas2021
Anne Gass, Council Liaison 2020