Library Trustees

Meetings, Agendas, Minutes

A. Membership:

  1. The Library Board of Trustees shall consist of seven (7) members.
  2. The Library Director shall be appointed by the Town Manager, upon recommendation of the Library Board of Trustees.

B. Duties:

  1. The Library Board of Trustees shall adopt policies relating to the operation and planning of the Library.
  2. Board of Trustees shall establish rules and policies to guide the Library Director, subject; however, in both instances to the provisions of the Town Charter, Town Ordinances and Town’s Personnel Policy.
  3. The Library Director shall be responsible to the Town Manager for following the guidelines set forth by the Board of Trustees.
  4. All expenditures of library funds shall be made by the Town Treasurer upon request of the Board, or in cases where the Librarian is authorized by the Board, upon request of the Librarian.
  5. The Library Trustees shall have the authority to use the Library Reserve funds for purchases or services pertaining to the Library.
  6. Purchases made from the Library Reserve must be maintained only with funds from the Library Reserve Fund.
  7. The Library Reserve Fund shall consist of gifts or donations to the Gray Public Library, and any interest generated by these funds.
  8. The use of such funds shall be approved by a majority vote of the Library Board of Trustees, and the Library Director.
  9. A purchase order signed by the Library Director and the Chair of the Trustees shall be submitted to the Town Treasurer, no further approval shall be required.
Board Members
NameTerm Expires
Kiersten Scarpati, Chair2021
Becky Gauthier, Secretary2020
Joyce M. Burrow2022
Kristi Lamoureux2021
Patricia Larrabee2021
Karen Morrison2022
Kristen Pfeifle2020
Anne Gass, Council Liaison2020