Town Ordinances

Chapter NumberOrdinance Title
106License and Permit Issuance Ordinance
201Building Code Ordinance (Please contact Code Office for details)
202Fire Ordinance
203Public Safety Ordinance
204Hazardous Materials Control Ordinance
205Animal Control Ordinance
206No Tobacco, Alcohol, or Medical Marijuana Use Ordinance
207Special Amusement Ordinance
208Coin Operated Amusement Device Ordinance
209Fireworks Ordinance
212Mobile Vendor Ordinance
213Home Solicitation Ordinance
215Mass Gathering Ordinance
216Ordinance Regulating Obscene Material
217Paid Sexual Contact Ordinance
218Massage Establishment & Massage Therapist Regulatory Ordinance
219Nude Entertainment Ordinance
220Ambulance Ordinance
221Cable TV Ordinance
225Face Coverings on Town Property Ordinance
302Land Bank Ordinance
303Tax Acquired Property Procedures Ordinance
304Active Duty Military Excise Tax Exemption Ordinance
305Senior Property Tax Assistance
390Short-Term Rental Ordinance
400Street Ordinance
401Subdivision Ordinance
402Zoning Ordinance
 Self-Storage Design Standards
403 Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
404Ground Water Ordinance
405Floodplain Management Ordinance
406Sign Ordinance
407Wireless Telecommunications Facility Siting Ordinance
408Impact Fee Ordinance
501Vehicular Use and Weight Restriction Ordinance
502Parking Ordinance
503Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Ordinance
504Solid Waste, Flow Control & Recycling Ordinance
602Emergency Food Sovereignty Ordinance
602Local Food and Community Self-Governance Ordinance
801Joint Services Ordinance
402AMobile Home Park Ordinance
N/AGeneral Assistance Ordinance