Buildings & Grounds

The Buildings and Grounds Department maintains 12 buildings and the surrounding grounds. 

Our responsibility consists of landscaping and general maintenance at Wilkies Beach, five “Welcome to Gray” signs, the monument area, Newbegin fields, Douglass field in “Little League” off season, Pennell grounds, the basketball court area, and summer set up for the Recreation Department.  During the colder months we are busy with snow removal, salting and sanding.   There are always other miscellaneous projects to attend to during the year.

Gray is a growing community and more tasks are being handled by the Buildings and Grounds Department. 

We do our best to keep up with the needs of our growing town and we are always willing to accept help from any volunteers that are willing to lend a helping hand with projects around town. If you would like to volunteer please contact Ed Milose at 657-3339.

Department Staff

Name Title Phone
Ed Milose Director (207) 657-3339
William "Wink" Gaddis Assistant (207) 657-3339
Roger Dehetre Assistant (207) 657-3339
Don Torrey