Charles Barker Scholarship Committee


There shall be a Charles Barker Scholarship Committee consisting of four (4) members, of which no member shall be a member of the School Board. ~In accordance with the terms and conditions of the Charles Baker Scholarship Fund, “Such committee members shall serve until a similar committee shall have been appointed or reappointed after the next selection of a Board of Selectmen (Town Council) of said Town.”


  1. The Committee shall be responsible for determining the allocation of scholarship funds to worthy students of Gray Schools for the purpose of assisting with expenses for higher education and postsecondary schools.
  2. The Committee’s responsibility shall be carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of the will dated December 17, 1969, set forth by the late Charles W. Barker.
Committee Members
Ann Cobb, ChairN/A
Audrey BurnsN/A
Peggy Stewart N/A