Costs v. Expenses

It all comes down to our tax dollars.
Each type of waste at the Transfer Station represents a dollar value. Most of the items collected in the Recycling Shed are sold on the waste commodity market for profit. Most of the waste segregated in bays and roll-offs behind the Recycling Shed cost varying amounts of dollars per ton to dispose of.

Please take a couple of minutes to review the drawing of the Gray Transfer Station layout.

You'll see that each collection area has a label with a dollar value associated with it. The "+" figures indicate wastes that are sold at a profit. The "( )" figures are wastes that have costs associated with disposing them. It is important to understand that income from wastes that are sold only serve to offset other waste handling costs. The Gray Transfer Station is NOT a money-making entity.

If you have any questions about the Gray Transfer Station or want to get involved, please contact Randy Cookson, Director of Recycling & Solid Waste.