Communications & Information

Meeting Portal, GCTV2, Web Site, and Newsletter

The Communications and Information Department of the Town of Gray focuses on distribution of information and communication technology.  When technology advances, communication continues to take various forms, we strive to provide our residents and visitor with information that is up-to-date, useful and readily available in written or digital form. 

In this digital age, the municipal website is, in many cases, is the first point of entry for residents and visitors.  The local community access television station is another long standing means of sharing information.  These two components make up the foundation of the Communications and Information Department. 

 Ann Elkanich, Brad Fogg, Debi Curry, Grant Guiliano

Focus areas include:

  • Working with the general public to educate and encourage community use of GCTV facilities for the purpose of locally produced programming. 
  • Providing live meeting portal for viewing of meetings, agendas and minutes.
  • Ensuring ease of use and navigation for website visitors.
  • Providing the public with municipal information, resident services, commerce and tourism.

Contact the Communication & Information Department should you have suggestions, questions or to schedule a tour of our community access television station.

Department Staff

Name Title Phone
Ann Elkanich Director (207) 657-3339 ext. 102
Mohamed Abu Network Administrator (207) 657-3339 ext. 125
Brad Fogg (207) 657-5898
Grant Guiliano GCTV2 Station Manager (207) 650-3339 ext. 126
Jolie Fahey Communications & Information Specialist (207) 657-3339 ext. 116