Merrill, John T. (1832-1910)

In Recognition For: Service to the Town of Gray

John T. Merrill (6 Feb 1832 - 7 Apr 1910) came to Gray at age six to live with his older brother and attend school.  He then went to Portland to learn carpentry.  While there he studied music, both vocal and instrumental.  He returned to Gray in 1854 to farm and do carpentry.  He organized the Gray Cornet Band around 1870, was active in the Cumberland County Musical Association and was the leader of the first Cumberland County Musical Conventions that were held 1875-1890.  

Merrill organized the New Gloucester Cornet Band.  He ran a saw mill near the site of the Interurban Station, as well as others.  He ran a shingle mill and a grist mill.  He was known to have built a water system consisting of a standpipe supplied by a hydraulic ram, a windmill and a steam driven pump, which supplied water to him, several neighbors and the fairs of the Gray Park Association.  He was one of the organizers and an active member of the Park Association as long as it existed.

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