Bike-Ped Plan

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Bike-Ped Village Area Loop Trail updates posted on Facebook at Gray Trail Network.

Adopted April 15, 2014

Request for Proposals, Village Area Loop Trail, Phase 1-A (Bid Package, PDF)

Plans/Drawings (PDF)

The Town of Gray is requesting proposals for the construction of a recreational trail behind the Henry Pennell Municipal Complex. The stone dust portion of the village area loop trail (VALT) is to be approximately 6’ wide and 1800’+/-long, extending from Route 100 to existing trails at Pennell Park, and then circling around the back of the ball fields and connecting to the parking area on the other side. Immediately behind Pennell it will also connect to an existing paved walkway, which will require 30’ of bituminous pavement. Specifications for the trail are contained in Enclosure 2: VALT Phase 1-A Specifications. A VALT Phase 1-A Plan is also provided along with VALT Phase 1-A Details Plan of trail sections.

A detailed explanation of the scope and specifications is contained in Section 3.0, Scope and Specifications. Preference will be given to the proposals conforming to the specifications provided; however, alternate recommendations may be considered. If a vendor chooses to make inquiries on the specifications provided, the rules set forth in Section 6.0, Interpretation of Contract Documents, apply. The Town of Gray reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the proposals received, in part or in whole.

Map: Proposed Trail

This is the first bicycle-pedestrian plan produced for the Town of Gray. It is the first step in a long-range, multi-faceted approach to improving bicycle and pedestrian access in the town. 

The plan and its recommendations are intended to generate a productive and continually evolving discussion amongst the town government and residents. Furthermore, it identifies specific locations where new infrastructure, or the enhancement of existing infrastructure, could improve pedestrian and bicycle access and connectivity among areas where pedestrian activity is expected, such as schools, recreation areas and the village. Some of the recommendations could be done right away, and some should be incorporated into the town or the state’s capital improvement plan. Others may require a public-private partnership to complete. 

The Bike-Ped planning team meets every fourth Wednesday at Gray Public Library at 6PM.  Contact Anne Gass at 657-4935 for more information.

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