Bike-Ped Plan

Adopted 2019

map 2019

This is the second bicycle-pedestrian plan produced for the Town of Gray, and is intended to serve as a vision and guide for improving bicycle and pedestrian access in the town.

The plan and its recommendations are intended to generate a productive and continually evolving discussion among the town government, property owners, and residents. It  identifies specific locations where new infrastructure, or the enhancement of existing infrastructure, could improve pedestrian and bicycle access and connectivity to schools, recreation areas and the village.

Some of the recommendations could be done right away, and some should be incorporated into the town or the state’s capital improvement plan. Others may require a public-private partnership to complete.

The Bike-Ped Committee is currently looking for new members! For more information contact Anne Gass at 207-657-4935.

(Open the attached PDF file at the top of the page to read more on the 2019 Bike-Ped Plan)

Bike-Ped Village Area Loop Trail updates posted on Facebook at Gray Trail Network.

2013 Bike Ped Plan

2014 Map: Proposed Trail

Plans/Drawings (PDF)